We are a system integrator for the businesses of today.

That’s a big claim, but we can back it up. Technologies like ABBYY and Kofax are not easy to implement. This is transformative technology. It requires significant customization, hands-on work, and a practitioner who really understands how to transform mass amounts of unstructured data into good, clean data. We know from experience the pitfalls to be avoided during implementation. And we know how important it is that technology integrate seamlessly into your business.

You may have heard the idea that “software is eating the world.” There’s a lot of truth to that. All businesses, regardless of their industry, have to be a technology business. The need – the urgency – to automate work, to install complicated software, and to achieve the intended benefits is real and it’s daunting. That’s where we come in.

We’re as dedicated to our own success as we are the success of our clients and our profession. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to maximize benefits and to enable a smooth transition for employees. We share our lessons learned and best practices to better the community of practitioners. We’re passionate about the possibilities of good data and how it can transform business. We believe in freeing up people from mundane, menial tasks, so that they can focus on more meaningful work.

We implement technology, but our focus is on people.

Who We Are

Jimar Garcia, President of Hatchwork Solutions, in mid-stride as he runs a marathon.


I like to be hands-on. So, in addition to leading the team in helping our customers transform their business, I often support the technical aspects of our projects. Interestingly, it was during my time as an engineer that a personality test revealed my inner “socializer” was an equal match for my technical aptitude. That awareness helped me gravitate towards consulting as my career progressed. I spent 12 years at Kofax as a software developer, then as a consultant and a manager in the Professional Services area, before transitioning to project management, and ultimately launching Hatchwork Solutions in 2013.

One project that sticks out in particular was a high-profile, very difficult implementation for a government agency. We were attempting to integrate technologies that hadn’t been integrated before. As the lead engineer on the project, I was well aware that we were working in uncharted territory and some were only giving us a 50/50 chance. But we had a vision and we were committed, which ultimately led to a successful outcome.  Since then, I’ve relied on that drive to succeed as a kind of superpower along with my commitment to open communication and ethical, honest practices.

Outside of work, I’m a family man with a wife and two daughters who are super creative and love to dance. Spending time with them is number one on my list of priorities and favorite things to do. In addition, I try to make time for physical fitness. My accomplishments as a runner include a full marathon, several half marathons, and my fair share of blisters.