Business Problems

  • Boxes of paper documents are taking up valuable space in your office
  • Finding documents in your paper files is costly and time consuming
  • Dark data problem: You don’t know what types of documents you have
  • Sharing documents between employees is difficult
  • Paper documents can be damaged by weather, rodents, or misuse

Solution: Document Archival and Retrieval

Scan your documents, turning them into searchable archives, so they can be quickly and easily retrieved, accessed, and shared between your key employees.


  • Save real estate costs for storing boxes of paper documents
  • Reduce the cost of searching for documents from paper files
  • Improve the productivity of your key employees by enabling them to access important documents quickly and sharing as needed
  • Improve compliance by knowing what documents you have and applying the appropriate retention policies against them
  • Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up document-based business processes


  • Convert paper documents to searchable PDFs
  • Automatically separate batches of documents so each document can be specifically indexed and retrieved
  • Automatically classify documents based on barcodes, layout, or text content
  • Store digital documents in a content management system that allows you to easily search, retrieve, and share your documents

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