Business Problems

  • Your business processes are out of control — your output is inconsistent, costly, and time consuming
  • Your customers complain about slow response times and poor quality
  • You are constantly running at full capacity and you risk missing your service level agreements with any small variance in volume
  • When you have an increase in volume, you have to bring in temporary workers to play catch up
  • Your business processes are very manual, adding cost and time overhead to your operations

Solution: Process Automation

Digitize your workflow and automate manual tasks, giving you more consistency, speed, transparency, and ability to audit your business processes. Combined with Data Refinement, you will even be able to speed up processes that are slowed down by humans dealing with unstructured content.


  • Reduce the time and cost for executing your business processes
  • Improve the productivity of your key employees by reducing or eliminating manual steps needed within your business processes
  • Improve compliance by being able to track each step that happens within your business process
  • Improve customer satisfaction by speeding up business processes
  • Increase capacity for your operations, allowing you to handle peak volumes in a more cost-effective way


  • Ability to define structured workflows or dynamic case management patterns
  • Ingest content from any source (e.g., E-Mail, Scanners, Web Portals, FTP, Fax, File Import, etc.)
  • Combined with Data Refinement, automatically separate, classify, and format documents and also extract key data points in order to automatically execute activities and business rules
  • Integrate with any business system to supplement your existing investments
  • Quickly deploy changes using low-code / no-code tools
  • Web-based and mobile friendly user interfaces

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